Ballast Tank Inspection

Underwater Vision have carried out close visual inspection & thickness measurements in ballast tanks using our small suitcase ROV system to meet requirements of the class assessor. Our inspections meet HSE regulations and will not

This is a much easier/safer and quicker solution as without using ROVs they would have to drain the tank down to allow a rope access team to manually carry out the inspection. This can cause disruption to any offshore operations and also be very expensive in comparison. Also draining of the tank can put the ballast tank structure under severe stress when it has been drained which is an unnecessary risk factor

Benefits Using ROVs Include:

  • Quick and easy setup to carry out inspections with no down time.

  • Reduced personnel required which reduces P.O.B

  • Suitcase ROV requires minimum space on board to carry out inspections which reduces disruption on the vessel.

  • Eliminates the risk Factor of personnel entering a confined space

  • Time and height data shown in real time shown on screen for inspection reference.

  • Thickness measurement devise can be added to ROV system to take relevant readings. ie Ultrasonic Thickness (UT) & Cathodic Protection (CP) measurements

24 Hour Emergency Inspections

Underwater Vision has the capability to undertake rapid response with 24 hour emergency inspections available.

We often undertaken inspections in the early hours of the morning to minimise disruption to supply.

Due to the importance of supply, it is critical that these assets are checked on a regular basic.

At Underwater Vision we have a can-do attitude. Bespoke solutions are often required for complex problems, please get in touch with your requirements.