Who We Are

Underwater Vision was established in 2008 with the objective of providing a cost effective, safe, and reliable underwater inspection service using Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV).

We have provided a one stop shop for ROV’s and ancillary equipment, experienced pilots and inspection engineers to carry out inspection projects where the use of divers could be time and safety prohibitive.

We can also utilise the ROV’s to support diver operations performing safety checks on potential hazards prior to divers entering the water.

Micro ROV’s are not toys but real vehicles designed and built to the same criteria as its larger counterparts.

They are versatile, able to work in water depths outwith air diver capability and being very lightweight could never cause damage to subsea structures or equipment. The list of ancillary tooling they can handle is very impressive too!

We utilise the VideoRay pro 3 GTO & Pro 4 and the Outland 1000 as our preferred ROV’s.

Micro ROV Tasks:

  • UWILD (Under Water Inspection in Lieu of Dry-docking)
  • Inspection of Spud Cans
  • Touchdown Monitoring (TDM)
  • Ballast Tank Inspection
  • Freshwater Tank Inspection
  • Wall Thickness Inspection
  • Leak Testing (Pro 4 Model only)
  • Snagged Cable Cutting

Ancillary Equipment:

  • 2 Function Grabber
  • CP Probe
  • UT Thickness Probe
  • Sonar
  • Laser Scaling
  • Soft Rope Cutter
  • Caviblaster (marine growth blast removal system)